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Now the era of CFL has ended and the era of LED has begun. We are a group of innovative engineers exploring the potential of LED light sources.

To start with we have developed a highly efficient, low battery consumption emergency light for urban and rural areas. A set of 3 high intensity LED lights which will give us thorough output and a long range spotlight for security, safety and disaster management.
We also use a set of reflectors and a diffuser to flood shadowless light for medical purposes. All of these lights are developed to run on low capacity batteries.
our primary offerings are a professional grade flashlight, signaling lights for road and rail safety and for the industrial & municipal markets. Our product lines now include a diverse range of certified lighting and road lights, spotlights, and accessories.

Today, Footprintz Inc. is creating a legacy of innovative products that are used by professionals in hazardous locations. Our products are designed to meet the most stringent lighting demands encountered in fire, safety, industrial and domestic applications.

Our models utilize the latest materials and technology to comply with national and international safety standards. Our products have earned the highest safety ratings possible from third-party organizations.

Our goal is to produce Eco-Friendly, High Efficiency, Low Energy, Long Life lighting equipment.